We climb an imaginary mountain in the course of the game, and learn the unwritten rules, dangers and beauty of nature hikes.


turista tabla



We play a giant watery board game without anyone getting wet. We become familiar with the nature, attributes, and uses of water, learn wisdoms and songs about it.


We can test how well we know fairy tales! Do you know all the names of the seven dwarves? Who was the disowned one-headed dragon child who wanted to become a rose bud? Who was helped by a glass slipper?

vizestarsas fin minta



Now you can cook for yourself! In this kitchen board game you can test whether you know all the tricks that help you cook a delicious meal.




Here’s a real space adventure! We launch from earth to an exploration of several different planets. You must complete all the tasks through the planets before we can return to earth.



The waiters in the Game must present the guests’ orders just as quickly as possible.



Who wouldn’t like to do the weekend shopping on their own? Here’s the chance to test their mettle for young and old! The winner succeeds in buying all of the items on the shopping list!


Dynamic game rules:

We offer our Hiker and Water game boards with dynamic game rules also.


Individual, corporate:

Customized games developed based on the imagination and demands of the customer.

 Size variations:

Manufactured in two sizes: 3 x 5 and 2 x 3 meters (~ 9,84 ft x 16,4 ft, and 6,56 ft x 9,84 ft)

spacetarsas 2x3




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